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From property refurbishment to loft conversions, kitchen replacement to bathroom fitting, right down to professional decorating, at Extono Construction Ltd, we can help you. 


At Extono Construction Limited we have the skills and experience to transform your thoughts, ideas and dreams into a fulfilling and rewarding reality. Our aim with every building project, no matter the size, is not to just meet your expectations, but to exceed them.


To find out more about Extono Construction or if you require a free, no obligation quotation for the building work you intend to have done, please get in contact. We’ll also be happy to come out and have an informal chat with you about potential options and what to expect when you undergo a refurbishment or want to have your loft converted as, unlike us, we know it is not something you do every day of the week!

Loft Conversions

When you consider that it will cost you approximately £70,000 in fees and taxes to move from a £500,000 to a £700,000 property, money you will never see again, opting for a loft conversion in London to increase the size of your home makes far better financial sense and is an excellent investment.

Property Refurbishment

There are numerous reasons why you may be considering a property refurbishment in London. It may be that you would love to do some of the work yourself, but can never find the time to get round to it. It may be a rental property that is in need of an upgrade, or you are making your first purchase after having rented for many years.

Bathroom Fitting

Two of the most frequent changes made to a property when you buy it is the kitchen and the bathroom. However, if you live in your ‘forever home’, then upgrading the bathroom and kitchen will be required at some point in time. Once you have chosen your dream bathroom, the next stage requires you to find a reputable bathroom fitter in London.

Painting & Decorating

At Extono we take our painting and decorating in London very seriously and one of the first questions we ask our clients is how “green” do you want your paint. Of course, we are not referring to the colour – we can supply paint in any colour you want – we are talking about whether you want the paint we use to be solvent free or perhaps from the Farrow & Ball eco paint range.

Spray Painting

Many of you may have used a professional painter and decorator before and been pleased with the end result. What was less satisfactory was the disruption, the number of days rooms were out of action, having ‘strangers’ in your house and the fact that the work took longer than you were told.

If you are looking for a combination of minimum disruption and the very highest quality finish, then you want to use the services of a professional painting company offering spray paint services.