Loft Conversions in London

There is a considerable difference between property renovation and property refurbishment.

Loft conversions in London provide multiple solutions

It is remarkable just how much extra space you can create in your home by converting your loft. More than that, a loft conversion has changed from the days when it was an ideal playroom for the kids and almost an afterthought, to the creation of a bespoke and invaluable extra bedroom, home office or studio, or an extra letting room in a multiple-occupancy residence.

Depending on the pitch of your roof and the floor plan of the property, it is remarkable what you can include within a loft conversion, including a shower room and toilet, kitchenette and everything you would need for a self-contained unit.

Loft conversion specialists in London

Extono Construction Ltd. have the advantage over many construction firms in that we specialize in loft conversions. This means we have a better understanding of any plans that have been drawn up, and also the logistics of converting a loft. We pride ourselves in being able to create the minimum of disruption for the occupants of the house when converting the loft space as we understand that you still have to live there while the work takes place.

We also work closely with designers and architects to ensure that what has been proposed is achievable and practical. It is remarkable how good a design can look on paper, but can create as many problems as it solves.

We work only from professionally drawn up plans and all our work is independently inspected

Please also be aware that as builders who specialize in loft conversions in central London, west London and south-west London, we don’t just turn up, look at your loft space and start work based on a plan drawn on the back of an envelope. We are not that sort of builder and we don’t provide estimates out of thin air either.

We work only to professionally drawn up and prepared plans which adhere to all building regulations, all fire regulations, all listed building regulations and all local authority regulations where applicable. All our work is also checked by local building inspectors. Not only is this good for you in providing peace of mind, but come the day you decide to sell your home, you will have all the necessary documentation to show that all the conversion work has been carried out to approved and accepted building standards.

While we firmly believe that doing a loft conversion is a far better use of your money than moving home, it is only a good investment if you have the work done by a professional firm and that all the plans are professionally prepared as well.

Get in touch

If you are not sure if a loft conversion is the perfect solution for you, why not give us a call and ask us to make a preliminary inspection. We’ll be happy to share some ideas with you and liaise with your architect during the design process if you decide that a loft conversion is the best option for you.