Painting and Decorating Services in London

It’s painting that takes the time.

If we were to ask you what element of painting and decorating takes the most time, you might say emulsion the walls and ceilings as they are the biggest area. There again, you may say painting the woodwork because that is more delicate and requires more precise brush strokes. The actual answer is neither and curiously, in the realm of painting and decorating, it is the preparation of the surfaces which takes the most time.

Did you know that it is not just woodwork that requires sanding before painting? To get the perfect finish on emulsion paint, walls and ceilings have to be sanded first, especially where previously applied paint has been put on too thick and brush and roller marks are visible when lit up by a lamp from below. Small cracks don’t just need filling, they need chasing out and then filled to provide a permanent as opposed to temporary fix. The list goes on…

Paint finishes are critical depending on the amount of light entering a room and what the room is used for

Now we have the type of paint and the finish you want. While it is tempting to use “vinyl silk” paint in kitchens and bathrooms, they are probably the worst as they stop the walls from breathing and encourage black spot mould. When it comes to woodwork, should it be a satin, eggshell or a gloss finish?

We are keen to respect the environment and can provide eco-friendly painting and decorating services in Chelsea.

Of course, here at Extono Construction Ltd. we are very conscious of the environment, so we are pleased to say that VOC or solvent-free paints are now much more common, and as mentioned, manufacturers such as Farrow & Ball manufacture eco-friendly paint. So, being a painting and decorating company in Chelsea we can even provide you with an environmentally friendly solution when it comes to redecorating your home.

We then have to talk about the quality of paint and why it is so important. First of all, cheaper paints, and especially emulsion paints, tend to be watered down, so you need to apply more coats, especially if you are changing the colour of a wall. Second, the pigments in cheaper paints tend to fade and even change colour over time. This is especially noticeable with gloss white paint, which can yellow and tarnish in just a couple of years. Because our reputation is made not just at the time we do our work, but how long the effect lasts for, we only use professional trade brands that we know will stand the test of time.

Perfect colours

All this and we haven’t even got around to the choice of colours and overall colour scheme. Trying to get the colour perfect is always tricky as a colour in a DIY store under their bright fluorescent light can appear darker and less vibrant when on the walls in your home. Tester pots and swatches are often a great solution to this problem, even if you end up with a wall looking like a patchwork quilt!

There is another wonderful way of choosing the colours you want, and that is by choosing a colour on an object and then taking the object to have the colour scanned and reproduced. It’s amazing what modern technology can achieve today!

Did we mention wallpaper?

It is remarkable just how effective one wallpapered feature wall in a room can be. What is even more exciting today is that “bespoke” wallpaper is now not just a luxury of the rich and famous thanks to digital printers. Most high street printers now provide printed wallpaper capability and all you have to do is provide them with the original design for them to produce as many rolls as you need.

Offering wallpapering services in central London

So, if you are thinking of refreshing your home and feel that a “fresh lick of paint” will do the trick, please give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with a no-obligation quotation and also a timeline within which you can expect all the work to be finished.