Property Refurbishment in London

There is a considerable difference between property renovation and property refurbishment.

Property renovation

In general terms, renovation work can include a new roof, fitting new doors and windows, new rainwater goods, replumbing, rewiring, and often replacing floors, walls and ceilings, installing a damp-proofing system then plastering throughout. That’s before you then start to replace everything you took out.

Property refurbishment

Refurbishment is less structural and more cosmetic in nature. It is not unusual for a property to undergo refurbishment every twenty or so years once everything begins to look too tired to cope with continued makeshift repairs.


Refurbishment usually includes fitting a new kitchen and new bathroom/shower room, toilet/WC and that can also include a new layout and design. Internal doors can be replaced to bring the property ‘up to date’. Windows can also be replaced if they are nearing the end of their lifespan, especially if they were early uPVC double-glazed windows where the seals have started to fail. You may want to install a new central heating system, though all the existing pipework should still be sound and while electric cables may also still be sound, you may want to update circuit boards and fuses boxes, especially if they do not have built-in RCDs or circuit breakers.


Then, of course, there is redecorating from top to bottom to leave the house feeling brand new again, as though it has been given a completely new lease of life.

Extono specializes in property refurbishment in London

Here at Extono Construction Ltd. we have a complete team of experienced tradesmen who specialize in quality property refurbishment not only at an affordable cost, but also extremely efficiently to ensure that your property is ready for complete occupation with the minimum of disruption to your schedule.

Please note that while it is ideal to be able to work on an empty property, we can carry out a total refurbishment on a room-by-room basis, minimizing both the chaos and disruption usually associated with building work.

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If you are wondering if it is time to have your current home refurbished, or if you are thinking of buying a property that requires refurbishment, why not give us a call and we’ll be delighted to come and give you an accurate indication of the likely costs involved and time scale to complete the work.


We’ve got plenty of examples of previous projects to show you just what a transformation we can create, and which may also help to give you some further ideas for your own property.